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This website is dedicated to the all those who have experienced any type of phenomenon, whether it be 'paranormal' or ufo-related; this is a  place to share what has happened to you and to read other people's stories who have experienced this also.

This is not a site for skeptics; while anyone is welcome here, this site begins with the premise that these occurances are factual and real. This site does not endorse any particular belief of WHY this phenomena occurs; only that it DOES occur and, in fact, appears to be increasing in frequency.

Along with the articles and links, in each edition we will publish an excerpt from the book YOU are not alone, along with comments made by those who responded to those posts. All posts are reprinted with each author's express written permission, as each poster wanted to let others know that they too, were not alone.

If you have had an experience and would like to share it here, please feel free to contact us, or, if you feel more comfortable, visit our forum,  which is a forum exclusively for experiencers and believers.


Alien Abductions


Ufo's and Aliens Contact 2012

Excerpt from YOU are not alone



When I was 16 I was abducted. It was terrifying. Now, some 32 years later I still can't dwell on it. I typed out my story and decided not to post it. It's embarrassing. I will give the very toned down version.

I went to bed, I was having a dream that didn't make sense because I was feeling pretty extreme pain. I woke up and this horrible face was in my face and I was not in my bed. I wasn't able to move very much, or at all, and they had connected devices to me. I could see them and it was the most frightening thing I have ever experienced in my life. They were devoid of emotion and they began to try and get my mind back under their control, which they eventually did I suppose. I can't say what I'm not remembering because I'm too chicken to get hypnotized. Some things are better off not known.

This sounds crazy even to me and I wish it were otherwise. I'm just a normal person.
09-22-2011, alienmind61

Well, I would note something I didn't mention before. I didn't wake up with scars. I woke up with injuries that became scars. If it had not been for that I would have written it off as a really bad dream. I didn't tell anyone for ten years or so because I knew that it would sound insane. It sounds pretty damn insane now. I frikkin hate it. I'm a normal guy with normal friends and a normal life. Except that I have this event in my past that is totally outside of everyone's reality so, I have to keep it quiet. As a person with respect in the community, how do you say: "Oh, by the way, I was abducted by space aliens and they did stuff"? You don't.

What you do is play along. And on the extremely rare occasion that the topic comes up because of something on TV you just play along with the whole "yea, they are crazy thing." A million times I have told myself it was just a dream wishing that were true. If it weren't for what I experienced that morning and the following days I would do that. Trust me, I can lie to myself as good as the next guy. It effects everything.

Think about this for example. I go to a normal church every Sunday for worship and every Wednesday for Bible study. You can imagine the philosophical issues.. Once you know something, you can't un-know it. Once you've seen something, you can't un-see it. What you are left with is trying to make sense of something when there's not enough information to make sense of it.

Did something else happen and my mind created these facts? How else can these injuries be explained? Where did the images that made up this story come from? I have been through all of this a million times. It's a dead end road. I'm stuck with it.

I have yet to meet another human being who has been through this. I hear that they are out there. What I don't need is some crazy who wishes they could meet a space alien. These are not nice people.

Excerpt from YOU are not alone



I think the saving grace in my experience, was because of earlier experiences when I was younger, for several reasons.

One this was a different group, entirely.

But the rage, which has always been an undercurrent in me, that I can tap into in an instant, because of the earlier experiences, is what saved me this last time.
I say saved me, because it was clear, me and everyone on that ship wasn't coming back. A meat locker, without the ice. Hundreds of people and I couldn't get anyone awake but I was trying my level best to tear my foot out of the contraption that held it, while simultaneously try to catch a grey by the throat and strangle the lop headed bastard.

I broke my foot, cracked my shin and caused a good lump, trying to extradite myself.

In hindsight, it was almost comical. The grey was more animate than most, not to mention nimble and quick, because had I got hold of it, I would have popped those big eyes out in a second.

The nasty one, the one controlling it all, was a Nordic.

Just the mention of one, makes my blood boil.

Don't think he cared much for me, either. Tossed me off that ship, rather unceremoniously.

I have no memory of being taken to the ship. I simply became "aware" I was on it. Already leg locked into the device. In fact, the little grey was doing just that and apparently, by instinct, I wasn't being cooperative.

The instant I came completely aware, I went for his throat. Sheer, blind animal rage. No thought, no nothing but rage...little fart was quick or I was moving in slow motion one but my intent was fierce.

The more aware I became, the more I took in. Everytime he tried to finish clamping the leg latch, I grabbed at him, swung at him, screamed and I think hissed and growled...I was fighting like a wild beast.

I heard the Nordic, before I saw him. I heard him in my head, not with my ears and I realized I could hear their conversation. The minute he realized this, he commanded the little grey, to "GET her OFF the ship"
The comical part was the grey responded...."How?"
The language part was weird. It wasn't in english, though I understood it in english. I cannot replicate the language but my mind instantly translated it.

I tried slapping a big guy next to me, I can still feel his flesh. As a nurse, I know the feel of unconscious flesh. It is different than someone who is awake and aware. I beat on him to, tried to push him, maybe create a domino effect but he wasn't budging, nor awakening. None of them were. row after row of unconscious people, standing like zombies in a half moon arc around the ship.

Which was beautiful, if it hadn't been so terrifying.

The Nordic came and physically knocked me out, he used a device which he touched to the back of my head.

Now the really crappy part, I was returned to my bed but not nicely. I awoke, three inches below the ceiling and fell to the mattress. I thought the bed broke.
Instantly, every animal I have, 2 of my cats, both my dogs. The german shepherd leapt to the bed the second I hit it. The Nordic did that for spite, I know it.
But I felt fear in him. I knew he didn't like the fact I could "hear" them. Secondly, my mind was racing when I came too. I thought, oh no they have found me. years ago, I believed a tracking device worked its way out of me and for years, felt they had "lost' me.

Only, he wasn't the one who placed it and his fear was obvious when he realized I "belonged" to the tall greys.

That was why he wanted me off the ship, before I could be tracked to it.

That is when I knew, this was an illegal ship. One way trip, these two were scavengers. And the term "meat locker" will not leave my mind.

I guess I owe a debt to the tall greys, because of them, these two were thwarted. I wouldn't hurt a tall grey, immediately. I don't think, but deep down, yes I would. I think my ability to "hear" these two, were because of past interactions with the tall greys. Whatever they did to me though, as a child and young adult, caused me enough fear to begin fighting them off before I was even conscious. Can't mess with me when I am asleep, almost like a a post war vet.
I'll stop here. Sorry to be long winded and sorry I took so long to get back.



Alien Abductions

A contoversal topic in the alien/ufo community is the the subject, the concept, of alien abductions.

In a community that one would think should be open-minded, considering that many believe in the possibility of life on other planets, the concept of people being 'taken' is, for some, not possible, and the experiencer is often attacked.  Remarks are often thrown at the poster that are along the lines of the experiencer having some sort physical, emotional or even spiritual 'problem'; or as some suggest, that it was a pure military action; in other words, that no alien lifeform could possibly be taking people against their will.  This prevalent feeling also can, at times, take on an almost a 'pack mentality' in attacking and belittling the experiencer.

So the question remains.  Are alien abductions real?  If one intently looks at the evidence, which does exist, it would be illogical to dismiss all of the stories out of hand.  We can site different stories that have eye witness testimony, such as the Walton case, or the case of the Ted Rce; these are but two of some of the more 'famous' abduction cases.   Articles and books abound that spend a lot of time in 'proving' the concept by citing such incidents, and while these are documented and so therefore may be more convincing that others, the stories that the anonymous posters have written are as much evidence as a mainstream news story.  These posters have nothing to gain in most instances; tho skeptics may state things like the concept of 'someone making some money from it', in fact, those cases are few and far between.  Many posters are adamant about remaining anonymous, which further leads credibility to their encounters.

More and more experiencers are coming forward and telling their stories; no monetary or notoriety is sought. Logic tells us that if one person witnesses something, there is then testimonial evidence that something occured. Consider these comments made in a thread concerning the validity of eye-witness testimony:

'...but it is not logical to discount every last report. The question has to be asked unreliable are what degree?'

'....True ancedotal evidence has little scientific value. but we do not have over 10,000 humanoid reports and hundreds of thousands of UFO reports stricktly due to misidentifications and natural phenomena. There are a percentage that defy conventional explanations and there are many cases that, all but scream, ET was here'
'it's part of the disinformation campaign that everybody talks about but they can't see it.A real UFO sighting for some reason remains very vivid in the memory.The one i saw in 1963 is as vivid today as it was loss of memory at all in fact the memory is sharpened.this is a little known trait of a real UFO sighting.The dis info comes in when people are instructed that "you know peoples memory's fade over time".Well fact is if their memory did fade then they didn't see a real UFO'

Therefore, considering the amount of personal testimony which states that these abductions occurred, one could logically come to the conclusion that the amount of witnesses to this phenomena gives it a credibility factor which should not be ignored.

A concept that will undoubabley have many naysayers, this idea is necessary in order to move forward and to be able to truly gather the data, and possibly find a soluton to the problem.  If we spend years even questioning of whether or not it exists, the chances of the actually halting what could very well be a horrific violation of human rights will be nil; these actions will continue with often disastrous results.

For example, the abductee may experience what is known as  post abduction syndrone; a recent thread in our forum discusses it further:

 Post subject: Post Abduction SyndromePosted: 10 May 2012 18:16
Joined: 07 May 2012 16:32
PAS in most instances is the result of the sense or memory of being taken away by force or without consent by extraterrestrial or inter-dimensional entities and the associated physically intrusive or invasive procedures by these alleged entities. The Abductee will have a perceived fear of actual or threatened death, serious injury (APA, 1994), threat to their physical integrity. They may witness the abduction of another person, may learn about or have close association with the abduction experiences of a family member or other closely associated person. The person's response to the events must involve intense fear, helplessness, or horror (APA, 1994). In a child or adult with underdeveloped personality structure, the response may manifest as disorganized or agitated behaviors.
Characteristic Symptoms
• Persistent re-experiencing of the traumatic event characterized by flashbacks (APA, 1994)
• Persistent avoidance of stimuli associated with the trauma (APA, 1994)
• Denial of the event
• Labeling the event something else-"blackout", being lost, etc.
 • Refraining from sleep at the time contact occurred-sleeping in the daytime
• Emotional reaction to literature, pictures, or videos about alien entities e.g. turning over books with a picture of an alien or UFO which may include avoiding them. (Bryant, 1991)
• Phobic avoidance of situations that remind the person of abduction such as: elevators, escalators, doctor's offices, physician's procedures (many women avoid gynecological exams or become extremely anxious when gynecological procedures are performed), dentist's chairs and procedures. (Jacobs, 1992)
• Persons with PAS may engage in avoidance of medical care to the detriment of their health.
• Substance Abuse/Dependence in an effort to self medicate, to reduce anxiety or sleep which may start at an early age
• Constant searching for answers to questions they may not be able to voice (conversation, Jacobs, 1999)
• Insomnia, trembling, muscle aches and soreness, muscle twitches, clammy hands, dry mouth, generalized tachycardia and subjective sense of palpitations, dizziness, hyperventilation or difficulty breathing, urinary frequency, dysphagia, abdominal pain, diarrhea, possible hypertension
• In females: gynecological problems, possible positive pregnancy tests with unexplainable missing fetuses, unexplainable appearance of strange lesions, scars, bruises, or burns (especially genital) (conversation, Jacobs, 1999), abdominal tenderness, abdominal adhesions, malposition of ovaries, joint or back pain without memory of physical injury, sinus problems, and possible eye irritations.
Children might harbor the belief that they will not grow up to be adults. Children might also be exposed to witnessing the abduction of their parents generating feelings of shock, intense fear, and anger that their parents are unable to protect them. They may also harbor the belief that they in some way caused their parents or siblings to be abducted.

So what are some of the defenses a possible abductee can use to thwart these occurances?  Though there are sites that abound with the concept that these beings are not other lifeforms from other planets and that calling on Jesus will 'make the demons' go away, this concept does not take into account that fact of millions of eye-witness testimony and government documents to the contrary.  And, as far as any mass effort at prevention of this phenomena such as armed resistance, this also is not an apparent solution,  if we are still debating whether or not it exists.

So it is left to the experiencer themselves to somehow overcome this phenomena; however, one of the issues that most posters relate is the overwhelming fear they feel; the uncontrollable paralysis that physically overtakes them.

A recent thread on the forum discusses the 'fear factor' :

As the stories in this edition illustrate, it appears that when the experiencers overcame this fear, they were able to thwart these abductions.  In our article this month, 'Fear Itself' sagewillow discusses techniques that may help the experincer to get better control of the issue.

It is human nature to want to be free and perhaps if abductees learn to take control we will have a beginning of stopping these unwanted intrusions into our lives.
       -by julia-



Our forum is a brand new and beginning forum; it is a good and safe place for experiencers and believers. Trolling is forbidden and anyone doing so will be banned.

We invite all of those who may be interested in this type of a more  intimate and secure setting to come and visit; we also encourage experiencers who would like to share their story to register and become a member.  You can feel safe about posting on YOU are not alone.  Also, one or more of the members are usually available for private counsel.

you are not alone

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unexplained mysteries


above top secret


Excerpt from YOU are not alone

05-17-2011, 06:03 PM #1
★ Star Contributor

Paralysis,Pain and the feeling of being moved..
Back when i was oh about 21 or so in my house in Massachusetts i had a very strange thing happen to me.Ive been hesitant to share this with you all until i had read enough fairly similar happening's to prompt me to write..Ive told very few people about it,Until now... 

I was in bed with my girlfriend and sound asleep..I had awoken wanting to go relieve myself,,So i did..After coming back to bed and getting settled in,I began to doze off..In a state of light sleep,I began to feel a sharp pain in my groin (Scrotum),As if they were being squeezed by a vice grips to be exact,I tried to adjust myself to see if i could get this pain to stop,To no avail..I could NOT budge! Completely paralyzed,I began to yell,Then scream to my girlfriend to help me,SHE never even stirred?

I was yelling at the top of my lungs but barely making a sound,I was indeed completely awake,NOT sleeping and the pain was getting worse,Then,The comforter i was under began to be pulled off me..I could look down and spot these two depressions in it as if it were gripped?.. Unbeknown-st to me,The comforter was clinched in my hands,Not allowing it to be moved by whatever was moving it,All i saw was a slight haze at the end of the bed...

Then my entire body began sliding down the bed toward the footboard,I could feel a slight pressure on my ankles,But not a strong grip at all (back then i weighed about 100 LLB'S)..Again the pain intensified and i screamed as much as i could,Only this time alot more sound broke out,

My girlfriend woke up and looked,What she saw was me,Half way down the bed,With my arse at the footboard,And my entire body drenched in sweat!!..She grabbed me and began pulling me back up into the bed,The force that was pulling me opposite,,abruptly let go,Then there was a brilliant flash out the window which reminded me of the old time flash pots used in photography..Then a calmness fell upon me,No paralysis or pain..Just a strange silence and calm....

Note:At the time there were numerous objects sighted in that neighborhood,What happened to me imo,Was not paranormal,Ive had different experiences happen in that realm,This felt different...In the morning i could still feel remnants of the pain i felt that night,Still in pain,But not the degree i had prior..Question,Has anyone had anything similar happen to them? I mean the pulling on/pain,Not so much the paralysis...Thanks!

light speed
★ Star Contributor

wow, terrific story, drummer, missed it when i was offline, sorry

do you know what this means? your girlfriend stopped it! totally awesome!!

i mean, i am sorry you had to go through the pain--but at least it wasn't permanent, ha ha, you had kids, but man, that girlfriend of yours--tell me, do still see her? it would be interesting to see what she is up to with this--how did she awaken, etc. so many many stories of seeing loved ones unaware, or worse, they do wake up and can't do anything..

there is a real key here in preventing this from how she was able to react like she did--and that it worked

inspiring post, drummer




what did i see
in front of me
it looked like an angel; no wait
that can't be
all misty and white, a right fine sight
but when i tried to smile
it took me for awhile
up and away, far from my home
scared and paralyzed
so much alone
what did i see
right behind me
it felt like a demon
no that can't be
it had hands not like mine
and eyes with a dark shine
looking at me
like it was blind
what did i see
right next to me
not angel not demon
a creature
a being
not a friend, not a neighbor
to hold me so tight
cannot be right
and when it released me
i cried in the night

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Fear Itself

Fear itself

“Irrational Fear”…there is no such thing. Fear stems from something in your past that triggered a negative response to a certain stimuli. It is never “irrational”, however, it can be overcome.

Many who have had experiences with visitors or the paranormal are well aware of fear. It comes in all shapes and sizes. Fear of the dark. Fear of silence. Fear of loud noises. Fear of certain insects. Fear of heights. Fear of being confined. The list is endless, and for those who are tormented with such fears, life can be a shadow of what it should be.

Fear is a good thing in that it allows our mind to prepare our body for flight or fight…mostly flight, with increased adrenaline and awakening of the nervous systems and muscular systems that will propel us to escape or defend. It’s when the fear encroaches on your life that it becomes a problem or when, in the case of visitations, it means you become powerless to stop what is happening and continue to be a victim.

Taking the power back is not easy. When it seems that the problem or the adversary is so much more advanced, powerful and stronger than you, there is a natural instinct to just give up and not fight back.
This is the biggest rouse of all. That’s where they think they have you.

The truth of the matter is, and this is my experience only, that the more I learn to be aware, be in control and use ancient techniques to secure your home and yourself, you can stop the visitations or, at least, change the way you are approached.

This is not the article in which I go into my personal history with visitors or the paranormal. That comes later. However, I will share some ways that I’ve learned to alter my life in such significance that it basically changed my entire existence in very positive ways.

I began with meditation and Reiki. I learned to center myself and use Reiki to find areas of my body that were in need of attention. Meditation brought me the calm that I was seeking and Reiki helped me to bring my body back into balance. There are numerous books, cds, websites and teaching centers to learn meditation and Reiki. I would suggest finding a Reiki master and taking at least a beginners class under their tutelage. Reiki is something best experienced awakened with a Master but meditation can be easily learned. If you can day dream, you can meditate.

The next thing I did was to clear my home of negative energies. I did this with smudging of sage and sweet grass and telling the universe with full intension that these energies were not welcome and would never be welcomed in my space. I still clean rooms with smudging at least once a season to rid the home of my own random negative energies. We all project them and they can linger just like dust bunnies under a bed.

Once that was done, I used crystal energy to protect my property and all who dwell within. On each corner of my land, I buried a crystal and recited a blessing of peace and protection. This created a four point pyramid around my home and my land. Since I did this, we have had several wind storms, floods and tornadoes…none of which have touched my home or land. I am not saying that the crystals protect me from acts of god, but, simply sharing a truth.

Finally, I researched and learned the techniques of lucid dreaming. It doesn’t always work, but, in many cases, I am able to realize I am in a dream state or an altered state of being and, if not control, be aware of my surroundings and able to interact with others in my dreams in a conscience way.

This has allowed me to be in control of both my waking mind and my sleeping mind to an expanded extent and the result has been less “unfounded fear”.

Feeling out of control of your life or the events surrounding your life is a very helpless emotion. Taking back as much control as you can while, at the same time, releasing to the universe that which no longer serves you or is not in your best interest can bring you back to center and help calm the seas on which you sail.

Whatever works…that’s my motto. I wish you peace, joy, calm waters, gentle breezes and restful minds.

By: Sagewillow